Astral Projection Tool Kit

Regular Price: $350

Sale Price: $299

Five-piece Tool Kit: Headset, Book, Target Cards, Essential Oil, Incense.

After two years of Research & Development toward producing an Astral Projection Device, EJ had all but given up. What he wanted was essentially a "Bic Pen" of Astral Travel, which meant that it worked first time, every time, without fail.

Then the "Big Duh" hit him. Why bloody invent it, when he could simply go to a Parallel World where he had already developed the kit, where it already commonly existed, study it, copy the formulaic structure and electronic circuitry, and make it here in HomeWorld. And that's exactly what EJ Gold did.

Using the Prometheus Effect, I traveled into a Parallel World where Beta Blockers are part of daily life, and I had already made Astral Projection Beta Blocker Devices. I located, studied and brought back with me an exact duplicate of the device I had made and used in that universe

1. BOOSTER HEADSET $225. -- Five Crystal Quantum Radio Beta-Blocker disks mounted on a super-comfortable black and gray Nike Swoosh Headband.

2. TARGET CARDS $75. -- Seven beautiful full-color high-quality laminated Brane-Power® Target Cards printed on high-grade art card stock.

3. ASTRAL PROJECTION MADE EASY $24.95 -- Step by Step Instruction Manual with everything you need to get Out of Body instantly with no sweat, no strain.

4. ESSENTIAL OIL $49. -- Specially blended essential oil to increase your ability to identify your targets when out of body.

5. INCENSE $15. -- Incense to set the atmosphere most conducive to your departure from the body.

1. Astral Projection Booster Headset

for the Astral Projection Kit

Regular Price: $225

Sale Price: $199

The Astral Projection Booster Headset, for use with the Astral Projection Kit, has five Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio amulets.

Venture beyond the horizon of ordinary reality -- explore paranormal activities from the inside.

Photo of E.J. Gold holding the Astral Projection Target Cards

2. Astral Projection Target Cards

for the Astral Projection Kit

Regular Price: $75

Sale Price: $55

The Astral Projection Target Cards are for use with the Astral Projection Kit.

These are an important part of your basic training. These along with the book compose the minimum suggested training materials.

Photo of Astral Projection Made Easy book cover

3. Astral Projection Made Easy

The Manual for the Astral Projection Kit

by E.J. Gold

Price: $24.95

Trade paperback.

Astral Projection Made Easy is the manual for the Astral Projection Kit. You can use the book as an integral part of the full kit, or use the book by itself.

Photo of Astral Projection Essential Oil

4. Astral Projection Essential Oil

for the Astral Projection Kit

Regular Price: $49

Sale Price: $35

The Astral Projection Essential Oil Blend is made with very special and expensive oils.

Use like any unction oil. Put a drop on the Pineal gland and rub it in. You can also put a drop on your own wrist and use the other wrist to rub it in if you like.

If you carry it in your purse put it in the little plastic bag or something similar.

Photo of Astral Projection Incense

5. Astral Projection Incense

for the Astral Projection Kit

Price: $15

The Astral Projection Incense is for use with the Astral Projection Kit.