Stories of Astral Projection

"E.J. Gold has pierced the secret veil of the inner-dimensional planes."

-- Y.G., Montreal

"Thank you for this opportunity. It's working for me."

-- Bradley K., Kansas City, KS

"The last time I remember doing that was putting my etheric body in my grandfather's body and I could feel his muscles and I could feel his actions and movements. And I hadn't thought about that in many years, but wearing this headband brought that back and working with E.J. right now, having him guide me through the process of this astral or etheric projection technique, it really brought that back. I could feel the etheric body and I felt it move -- that excites me a lot. The way I intend to work with this is to be able to not only have presence and attention in this body while I work for Koyote, but in all seven bodies. Hopefully I can be of greater service to him and his work. And maybe even to E.J. and the work itself."

-- GB, California

"I like this. I have taken a lot of astral projection -- out of body -- courses and this is the best one. E.J. Gold has made these headbands and it seems to be easier to do this with these on. They are very, very strong. And with these aids, and the amulets, too, it just seems that instead of just imagining it, I can do it."

-- B.T., Grass Valley, CA

"I have been after out-of-body experiences for a long time and been to classes. I have come close a few times to leaving my body trying different things and different exercises. But I like this way because it feels as if it is starting at the beginning, and that step by step, it is something that I can do. This is a way that is going to work for me."

-- J.T., Grass Valley, CA

I haven't done any of this before. I heard of astral projection, but I never thought much about what it might be and I certainly never thought about trying it. But I did read The Seven Bodies of Man twenty years ago, and like E.J. said, it's a lot of work. This weekend, listening to him talking about driving the organic body with the etheric body, etcetera, you know, one body to the next, it made sense to me."

-- S.D., Dublin